Why Work With Us?

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Benchmark Improvements, LLC is here to help homeowners out with any type of home remodeling needs.  Our team, of architect, engineer, designer and carpenters with over 150 years of experience combined are here to make the home remodel needs as smooth as possible.  Benchmark Improvements, LLC prides ourselves of going the extra miles for excellent customer service.

You may hear from others, about they have a guy and you need to call them to get work done.  At the end of the day, I want you to have the best home remodel experience possible.  That being said, which ever contractor you decide to go with other then Benchmark Improvements, LLC there are a few things I want you to be aware of.  Please confirm that the contractor of choice has the HIC#, Insurance, Workers Comp for any employees, W-9 for any sub-contractor “if used” and most important “do not under any circumstance pay any money up front”.  Before you pay a contractor they need to preform a service or deliver materials.  Always request a scope of work along with a payment schedule that you have agreed to as part of the contract.  That way you are only paying for the completed parts of the project and it keeps the project on schedule.  If the job is $5,000 or less then you shouldn’t have to pay until the job is completed.  Contractors that ask for money up front, first it’s illegal but that also means they aren’t a successful contractor and you don’t have time for that.  Home remodeling is a stressful experience and we strive to make it the most engaging, enjoyable, experience possible.

Please us a call today at 484-891-1040 to let us know what project we can help you with!

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